Boss Babe, Ashley Alderson And Her Thoughts On Low-Rise Jeans


Ashley Alderson is a woman of all trades. Wife, mama and founder of Boutique Hub, she does it all. Ashley and her team at Boutique Hub have helped thousands of entrepreneurs wishing to make their bussiness thrive in a crazy, recession minded market. I had the honor of interviewing Ashley and got to ask her all the questions you are dying to know in the fashion industry. From low-rise jeans (i'll pass on those!) to following her dreams. 
1. Tell us about yourself (who are you and what inspired you to join the boutique world?) 
Today, I help thousands of amazing boutique owners optimize their businesses, learn to buy for their stores, maximize social media and grow teams.  I just love boutiques and style, but I grew up in North Dakota, with very few shopping options. In fact, we were 3 hours away from a mall and about 90 minutes away from a town with a stoplight.  I felt like fashion was very New York or LA, but what about the rest of us in the country? Boutiques for me became fashion in small towns, big cities, and everywhere in between where all of us could find what fits us best.   
After many years in economic development, and a move across the country, I started building my passion for helping small business owners, paired with my  love of boutiques to start The Boutique Hub!   Besides running The Boutique Hub today and absolutely loving this community, I am also a busy mom of 3 and wife.  I love my family time, travel, horses, and all things basketball. 
2. Which season is the most exciting to shop for? 
I love fall - getting into new pairs of denim, and all the neutral layering pieces. I love that transition - but I'm also a huge jacket girl. Living in the midwest, fashion is often in that outer layer because it gets so cold. So I'm always down for a new jacket! 
3. What is one trend that you CAN'T stand?
If low-rise jeans NEVER....EVER come back again, I'll be so happy.   Once you have kids, they just don't hit like they used to. 
4. Are there any "rules" to fashion? 
The only rule I live by is to wear confidence like another layer.   There just are no rules, and I love trying new things but the one accessory that often holds us back is not being confident enough to rock it!  
5. Who is your style icon? 
I've always loved Rachel Zoe. I feel very boho-rocker in my style often, and she rocks this so well. 

The only rule I live by is to wear confidence like another layer. 



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